Clean Cookstoves Association of Kenya

About us

CCAK is a professional association formed in 2012 and officially registered in 2013
It has 46 members comprising representatives from government, academia, private sector, donor agencies, NGOs and individuals active in the clean cooking sector.

CCAK’s mission is to facilitate the scaling up of the clean cookstoves and clean fuels markets in Kenya through convening and coordinating the sector, advocating for enabling government policies, creating public awareness and capacity building. The association strives to build solidarity amongst relevant stakeholders and creates effective partnerships to ensure the use of clean cookstoves and fuels is the norm in Kenyan households and institutions. CCAK is dedicated to this goal because clean cookstoves and fuels save time, lives, money, forests and provide employment. Our aim as CCAK is to facilitate the increase of adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels to 5 million households in Kenya by 2020. Currently, CCAK is widely recognised by Government, private sector, civil society and other stakeholders in the sector as the “voice” of clean cooking.

Our Mission

To facilitate the scaling up of clean cookstoves and clean fuels market in Kenya through convening and coordinating the sector, advocating for enabling government policies, creating public awareness and capacity building.

The Clean Cooking Association of Kenya is the sector champion influencing a suitable market environment and capacity development of its members and other stakeholders, enabling them to cause universal adoption of clean and efficient cooking solutions in Kenya.

Our Vision

Universal access and adoption of clean and efficient cooking solutions and practices in Kenya, through a sustainable market environment.

Our Core Focus

CCAK is a sector association that represents the interests of members and stakeholders engaged in providing clean and efficient cooking solutions in Kenya.

Our Values

Our core values are:

Passion: – Interest; Commitment; Proactivity

Integrity: – Trustworthiness; Confidentiality; Reliability

Professionalism: – Responsiveness; Resilience; Respect for time

Expertise: – Knowledge; Wisdom; Usefulness

Competence: – Standards; Best Practice; Effectiveness

Inclusivity: – Openness; Consultation; Equal treatment

Mutual Respect: – Teamwork; Cooperation; Collaboration

Our Rallying Call

Clean cooking solutions availed and used – over 10 million Kenyan households using clean cooking solutions by 2022.

Lives saved – 90% drop in the number of deaths attributed to negative health impacts of “unclean” cooking practices and environments (baseline – 14,300 deaths per annum).

Livelihoods improved – Clean cooking sector providing employment and incomes to more people; at least one clean cooking solutions micro-enterprise established in each market center in Kenya.

Women empowered – Gender inequality reduced substantially by freeing women from the practice of firewood fetching; more women engaging in economically empowering activities (instead of fuel fetching). At least 7 million women impacted.

Climate change mitigated, environment preserved – Trees saved, deforestation rate substantially reduced, afforestation rate substantially increased.

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