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Clean Cooking Association of Kenya (CCAK), is a private, not for profit, business membership organization representing stakeholders in the clean cooking sector. The members are mainly drawn from the private sector as well as representatives from government, academia, development partners, Non-Governmental Organizations among others.

The main objective of CCAK is to advocate for an enabling environment at both national and county levels to catalyze the growth of the clean cooking sector and promote adoption of clean cooking technologies, capacity building of the sector and sector coordination. The association has effective frameworks of engagement with government and other stakeholders to coordinate and advocate for the sector.

CCAK recently launched its five year strategy outlined in five pillars to help it achieve its mission as the sector champion. With the renewed focus and strategy, CCAK expects to have 10 million households using clean cooking solutions by 2022; see a 90% drop in health impacts by 2022; improve livelihoods; impact at least 7 million women; mitigate climate change and; preserve the environment. For these to be achieved, CCAK works around five key strategic pillars:


OurFive Key Strategic Pillars

Representation and Advocacy
Through this pillar CCAK aims to improve the environment, sector cohesion and self-regulation. The priorities are on actions to improve the policy, legal and regulatory environment, budgetary allocation towards clean cooking, see better partnerships and collaboration and influence sector strategy.
Standards and Technical Issues
Key results under this pillar are the actualization of standards and technical guidelines for improved cooking solutions, research, innovation and intellectual property through collaboration, partnership and capacity building.
Institutional Strengthening and Resourcing
This core pillar will align governance and delivery of the new strategy through improving the delivery capacity and competencies of CCAK and increasing organizational sustainability.
Membership and Member Oriented Services
CCAK aims to recruit and retain members and have a strong and influential membership base. Core, associate and honorary members will be identified and will benefit from renewed value propositions along ten fundamental value areas.
Knowledge and Information Management
CCAK anticipates behaviour change and the development of an information hub and marketplace through this pillar. This will be effective in achievement of the mission and vision of CCAK.


The Clean Cooking Association of Kenya is the sector champion influencing a suitable market environment and capacity development of its members and other stakeholders, enabling them to cause universal adoption of clean and efficient cooking solutions in Kenya.


Universal access and adoption of clean and efficient cooking solutions and practices in Kenya, through a sustainable market environment.

Core Focus

CCAK is a sector association that represents the interests of members and stakeholders engaged in providing clean and efficient cooking solutions in Kenya

Core Values

Passion: – Interest; Commitment; Proactivity
Integrity: – Trustworthiness; Confidentiality; Reliability
Professionalism: – Responsiveness; Resilience; Respect for time
Expertise: – Knowledge; Wisdom; Usefulness
Competence: – Standards; Best Practice; Effectiveness
Inclusivity: – Openness; Consultation; Equal treatment
Mutual Respect: – Teamwork; Cooperation; Collaboration


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