Clean Cooking Forum 2019

In recent times, CCAK has been part of the national steering committee planning for the Clean Cooking Forum 2019 co-hosted by Clean Cooking Alliance and the Ministry of Energy. One notable occasion during the forum was the launch of the Kenya Clean Cooking Sector Study Report by the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Energy, Hon. Charles Keter. The Study commissioned by CCAK in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy is seen as critical towards identifying policies and actions to grow the clean cooking sector. Hon Keter noted that the government has made great strides in the formulation of regulations and standards to spur sustainable growth and investment in the clean cooking sector. Principal Secretary, State Department of Energy Dr. Eng. Joseph K. Njoroge highlighted that the government is committed to 100% transition to modern clean cooking solutions by 2028. He further explained that measures are in place to create an enabling environment to accelerate investments by involving the public, private sector and other partners.

The World Bank through the Energy Sector Management Assistance has established the Clean Cooking Fund (500 million dollars), to accelerate progress towards universal access to Clean Cooking by 2030. The projected supported also by Netherlands, Norway and United Kingdom is meant to scale up public and private investments in the clean cooking sector by catalyzing technology and business innovations and linking incentives with verified results, also known as Results-Based Financing. The RBF has been implemented successful in 10 countries Kenya being one of them.

The Clean Cooking Alliance (Alliance) and partners from around the world also launched “Clean Cooking Is...”, a first-of-its-kind campaign and digital activation strategy to build greater awareness, engagement, and support for clean cooking.

CCAK with its partners also got to participate and exhibit innovative clean cooking technologies and fuels during the forum and also recruited new members.


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