Kenya Country Action Plan Validation Workshop

Kenya Country Action Platform (CAP) designed in 2013 and reviewed in 2014, was considered to cover Phase 1 (2012-2014) of the Clean Cooking Alliance Business Plan to launch global and national efforts to grow the sector. The Kenya CAP defines what stakeholders in the Kenyan clean cooking sector can do to catalyse a thriving market for clean cooking solutions in Kenya. It presents a comprehensive summary of the highest priority intervention options necessary to effect change, and provides interested parties (potential donors, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and policymakers) with a menu of ways to get involved in scaling up the widespread adoption of clean cooking technologies in Kenya. The inclusive nature of the CAP also represents the cooperation and consensus of a wide variety of Kenyan stakeholders who are committed to saving lives, improving livelihoods, empowering women, and protecting the environment.

Recently CCAK held a stakeholders workshop for the review of the KCAP following the launched the sector study that provided up-to-date data, which was considered to be used as a basis to update the KCAP. The workshop was also meant to call on the Ministry of Energy to take lead in the new KCAP development and have it aligned to the national and international policy aspirations.


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