Benefits of Being a Member

  • CCAK is your representative, ready to act on your behalf should you face any challenges related to legislation, regulations and taxes. We analyse your specific problem and develop a road map for immediate intervention to reduce your risks and find a permanent resolution to eliminate those risks altogether.
  • CCAK links Members to new sources of finance in order to help Members grow their businesses.
  • CCAK propels Members to new levels of prominence by availing the CCAK logo and brand to be used alongside Members’ marketing tools, in their awareness campaigns.
  • CCAK protects the image and brands of its Members by following up with the authorities on enforcement against any intellectual property theft. We monitor market trends for counterfeits, product or brand adulteration, and offer to assist you should you face any challenge that affects your brand image.
  • CCAK uses the resources you avail to us to ensure you experience a better business environment; we do the lobbying and advocacy on your behalf in order to save you time and attain for you the necessary policy gains.
  • CCAK will open up networking opportunities to you, allowing you free entry as a member, in order to grow your business.
  • In collaboration with a leading University/institution in Kenya, we provide practical training to employees of our Member organizations, thereby reducing human resource risks and facilitating increased efficiency of our Member’s operations.
  • We are commitment to serve you and are available for your visit or call, every week day, from 8.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • We have a resourceful data centre that will start sending to you monthly sector updates when you become our Member. Updates are free of charge to Members. They provide you with timely and accurate market information that enables you to make informed decisions that will make your business thrive.
  • Through our partnership arrangements with regulatory agencies, we offer the best bet to lower your risks if your goods are impounded or held unfairly by a public agency.
  • We will make your project proposals more credible and successful by reviewing your project concepts and availing to you upon your request, a letter of support for your project idea.
  • CCAK conceives new public-private dialogues (PPDs) that trigger open-minded discourse between CCAK Members and regulatory/policy agencies, with a view to influencing positive changes in policies and regulations.
  • CCAK has excellent relationship with the Ministry of Energy and the Council of Governors; we are ready to facilitate discussions on matters of your need, between you and these organs of Government.
  • CCAK is an effective broker of relationships between our Members and value-adding partners, such as the Global Alliance for Clean Cooking, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SNV, GIZ and others. We collaborate with these and other partners to design and implement interventions that will take your market activities to the next level.
  • CCAK maintains a robust and popular web portal on which Members can popularize their projects, product launches and market offers; Members get an automatic attractive discounts on advertising fees, in addition to lowly prices (below market rates) editorial and design assistance to place their campaigns on the platform.
  • Members involved in new innovations can take advantage of CCAK’s close working relationships with the Kenya Industrial, Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) and Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS), in order to fast track the testing of your products and their labeling with a mark of quality.
  • We conceptualise programmes to build your capacity, in order to make your operations more successful.
  • We assist development partners and non-governmental organizations to conceptualise, design and implement their projects by providing them with market information and networking them with key sector actors, at an affordable cost. Interventions directed to our Members or their markets get our priority attention.
  • We share costs with you in order to buy-down your risks, while pursuing solutions to your challenges. Paying Members enable this to happen.


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