Chief Executive Officer

Position:                   Chief Executive Officer

Organisation:           Clean Cooking Association of Kenya

Posting period:         14th – 28th January 2022

Contract Duration:       2 years


The Clean Cooking Association of Kenya is a sector association that represents the interests of members and stakeholders engaged in providing clean and efficient cooking solutions in Kenya with members from both private and public sectors. CCAK represents the interests of its members at the national and county levels.

Our vision is Universal access and adoption of clean and efficient cooking solutions and practices in Kenya, through a sustainable market environment.

Our binding agenda and rallying call is:

Clean cooking solutions availed and used – over 10 million Kenyan households using clean cooking solutions by 2022.

Lives saved – 90% drop in the number of deaths attributed to negative health impacts of “unclean” cooking practices and environments (baseline – 14,300 deaths per annum).

Livelihoods improved – Clean cooking sector providing employment and incomes to more people; at least one clean cooking solutions micro-enterprise established in each market centre in Kenya.

Women empowered – Gender inequality reduced substantially by freeing women from the practice of firewood fetching; more women engaging in economically empowering activities (instead of fuel fetching). At least 7 million women impacted.

Climate change mitigated, environment preserved – Trees saved, deforestation rate substantially reduced, and afforestation rate substantially increased.

Our Strategic Leaning

In 2018, CCAK ratified its Strategic Plan and began the process of aligning all activities in accordance with the Plan. We now represent interests of wider stakeholders in the clean cooking sector. We have since changed our name and our logo, and our strategy is aligned to our redefined purpose within five key pillars:

Representation and advocacy: through this pillar CCAK aims to improve the environment, sector cohesion and self-regulation. The priorities are on actions to improve the policy, legal and regulatory environment, budgetary allocation towards clean cooking, see better partnerships and collaboration and influence sector strategy.

Membership and member oriented services: CCAK aims to recruit and retain members and have a strong and influential membership base. Core, associate and honorary members will be identified and will benefit from renewed value propositions along ten fundamental value areas.

Standards and technical issues: key results under this pillar are the actualisation of standards and technical guidelines for improved cooking solutions, research, innovation and intellectual property through collaboration, partnership and capacity building.

Knowledge and information management: CCAK anticipates behavior78 change and the development of an information hub and marketplace through this pillar. This will be effective in achievement of the mission and vision of CCAK.

Institutional Strengthening and Resourcing: this core pillar will align governance and delivery of the new strategy through improving the delivery capacity and competencies of CCAK and increasing organisational sustainability.


Our presence in the sector is now solidified. We are therefore recruiting a CEO to provide effective leadership of CCAK, driving the Association’s further growth and expansion as an advocate and thought leader for the Kenyan clean cooking sector.


The CEO will report directly to the Chair of the Executive Board of the Association.


Position Description

The CEO reports to the Executive Board of CCAK and has responsibility to grow the Association by leading the organisational and partnership activities of CCAK. In collaboration with the Board, the CEO implements and reviews strategic and business plans to advance CCAK’s mission and vision and assures the relevance of CCAK to stakeholders, constituents, the association members we serve, and consumers at large. This position has full leadership responsibility and professional accountability for all business operations within CCAK in accordance with the applicable by-laws, policies, and procedures set by the Board.

Responsibilities of the CEO


  • Provide overall strategic leadership to grow CCAK through the achievement of CCAK goals, mission and its core values
  • Implement and facilitate with the Board of Directors the mission, long-range vision, and strategic & business plan of CCAK.
  • Form and maintain positive relationships with industry, government, and academic members/partners and partner organizations in a manner that benefits CCAK and strengthens those partnerships. Fostering these relationships will require travel and face-to-face communication.
  • Coordinate with the Board the staffing and functions of all CCAK committees.
  • Serve as Secretary and an ex officio member of the CCAK Board of Directors.
  • Serve as direct supervisor for all secretariat staff
  • Coordinate efforts to grow membership in CCAK nationally and internationally.
  • Coordinate policy and advocacy on behalf of members and CCAK towards and enabling environment for the clean cooking sector growth


  • Serve as an advocate for the CCAK, its mission, services, and constituencies.
  • Represent the CCAK on issues relevant to the association and the clean cooking industry.
  • Take the lead in addressing public issues and situations relevant to CCAK, and, when necessary, select appropriate CCAK members with the expertise to successfully address the issue(s) at hand.
  • Listen and give thoughtful consideration to constituents, volunteers, donors and the public at large to improve CCAK services and engagement.
  • Communicate face-to-face when possible with partners and stakeholders the vision, mission, strategic plan and value proposition of the Association.
  • Strategically attend meetings of relevant organisations (i.e. CCA, KEPSA, Ministry of Energy, and EPRA, etc).
  • Cultivate and maintain communication with members of the Association.


  • Demonstrate good business practices and leadership skills through oversight of all fiscal activities of the Association, including preparation of the annual budget, coordination of financial audits and development of quarterly/annual reports as well as maintenance of insurance coverage for the Association.
  • Work with the Board to ensure sustained financial support of short- and long-term Association goals.
  • Actively identify, cultivate and solicit new donor prospects and funding streams while maintaining and growing positive relationships with current sustaining partners.
  • In accordance with Board action, oversee management of CCAK assets.


  • Facilitate agenda planning and meeting logistics for all Board meetings and conference calls.
  • Coordinate staff and volunteer implementation of Association programs; ensure a work environment that recruits, retains and supports quality staff and volunteers; oversee the process for selecting, development, motivating and evaluating staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure appropriate staffing of the secretariat in line with the workload and financial resources available.
  • Directly supervise secretariat staff, conduct performance evaluations and other assessments that ensure effective delivery, program execution, accountability, and professional development.
  • Foster enthusiasm and passion and develop an engaged staff capable of operating as a high-performance team to further the mission of CCAK.
  • In accordance with Board action, negotiate professional contracts and maintain appropriate staff salary structure.

Professional Development

  • Maintain and develop association management skills through continuing education and professional development training.
  • Maintain contact with the clean cooking community through participation in conferences, regular reading of clean cooking and trade publications and examination of current information relating to the clean cooking industry, particularly with regards to government policy and public issues.
  • The CEO’s performance and development will be evaluated annually by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.


  • Bachelor degree in Business administration /Public administration /Renewable Energy or related fields from a recognised institution
  • Master’s degree in Business or Strategic Management or Renewable Energy will be an added advantage
  • 10 years’ experience with 5 years’ experience in senior management
  • Experience and knowledge in clean energy sector will be an added advantage
  • Demonstrable business, financial, managerial, leadership and resource mobilisation skills


  • Possesses excellent oral/written communication and networking skills
  • Strong analytical, decision making, problem solving and people management skills.
  • Demonstrate flexibility, resilience, and ability to maintain positive relationships and compose, even under difficult circumstances
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, demonstrated ability to work effectively in a multicultural team
  • Ability to organise and manage multiple priorities, work under pressure, and meet deadlines.
  • Strong self-starter with initiative to identify opportunities and take appropriate action.
  • Works independently or with very limited supervision
  • Ability to troubleshoot or resolve issues
  • Ability to provide clear direction and guidance to others
  • Sets standards of behaviour and demands high standards from team members
  • Attention to detail


  • Send a cover letter demonstrating your suitability and a CV with three references both documents in PDFs to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Applications to be received on or before 28th January 2022.
  • The subject line of the email should read ‘CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER –CCAK followed by your name’.
  • The name of your CV file should be in the format LastnameFirstname CV
  • The name of your cover letter file should be in the format LastnameFirstname Cover Letter
  • Do not send supporting documentation such as qualification certificates at this stage

            We will respond to all applicants.


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